Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Rabbits for Rehoming - please call main number

  Name - Deno
Age - approx 1 year old

Lovely Deno is looking for his forever home.
  Name - Mimi
Age - approx 18 months

She is a cross mini lop is and is looking for a forever home
Name - Elsa
Age - 3 months

Elsa is a pretty English cross female rabbit. Her current owner is allergic and so now Elsa is looking for a forever home. 

Name - Florence
Age - Approx 1 year old

This little lady has been dumped by her owner and is now looking for a special forever home
Name - Liquorice
Age - 4 months old

This little boy is neutered. Ready for a new forever home.

Bright Eyes
Name - Bright eyes
Age - Approx 1 year old

Sadly another little lady dumped by her owner. Looking for a forever home.

Name - Tufty
Age  - 1 year old

Tufty is a neutered very pretty lion head cross looking for a forever home. 

  Names - Snowy and Lily 
Ages - 7 months old

Both neutered females.